When you compete on price, you have to have a lot more clients. As I mentioned earlier, that is no way to do business.

As a beginner in a field, you do have to be a cheaper option though. But if you are a native English speaker and have an ability to learn you are far from the low-cost option.

I got my first real freelancing job at $25 per hour. That’s because I had some experience in the field, but I was completely new to freelancing. My only goal at the time was to pay rent and make sure my family didn’t starve.

For some people $15 might be a good number to start. The point is, it doesn’t matter where you start. You just have to get started, and then let supply and demand take over.

Here is what I mean…

Once I got one client, it was much easier to get another one doing the same kind of work I did for the first one. Then I was able to get another one. And another one. Pretty soon, I had about 6 clients and I was doing the same type of work for them all.

There was so much demand for my work, that I couldn’t do it all without working 60 hours per week.

That’s when I had an idea. I had one client that I didn’t like much. I let them know that I was not going to be able to work with them anymore. That’s a great benefit of being a freelancer in itself: you can quit anytime, no strings attached. You are free.

I had two other clients that I liked but weren’t paying me as much as I wanted. I told them that I would love to keep working for them, but that I would need to charge a new higher rate. I let them know that I could only work so many hours in a day and I had already exceeded that number. So the only way to fix that was by charging more.

Both clients were more than willing to increase my pay. I was shocked.

Within a week I had cut my hours in half and was making twice as much. Wow!

Over the next year I would repeat this strategy 2 more times. The last time I hit my first $10,000 month. In just 2 years I had become a $100,000 per year freelancer. All while learning a new skill!

The best part is, you can do it too. And much faster when you avoid the mistakes I made.

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