Most of the popular business opportunities are loaded with hidden costs.

If you are trying to start an ecommerce store, you may have heard about drop shipping. You don’t have any inventory costs! But how are you going to get people to come to your store? Why will they trust you and buy from you? Trust me, that is a much bigger problem than getting inventory.

You will have to invest over a long time before you start to see any returns… if you ever do!

How long can you go before you make a profit? A month? 3 months? A year? 3 years? If you can’t last that long, or if you have to cut back your operations to keep it going, you won’t make it.

I know one business owner that took investments from many wealthy friends he had. 10 years later, he is still trying to get more money out of them to keep it afloat. Good thing his friends are rich! Most of us don’t have the resources needed to keep it going through the hard times.

With freelancing, there are almost no expenses at all. That’s why you’ll never hear of anyone going broke freelancing.

Sure, you may hear of people who don’t know how to get clients as a freelancer. That was for me too for a couple of weeks. But after I learned how it works, that was never an issue again.

In fact, freelancing is the secret back-up plan for many of the popular gurus. I’ve heard several of them say that if they lost everything, they would go back to freelancing. It’s the fastest way to make great money without any risk.

My favorite part about freelancing is that it is the absolute best way to become an expert in your field.

That’s because you earn while you learn. In the first year of freelancing, I learned more practical skills than I did in 6 years of business school. And instead of losing $100,000 and 6 years of my time, I made a lot of money!

In fact, after I got my first real client, I never even mentioned my degrees anymore. I learned that business owners don’t pay for credentials. What they want is a return on their investment. And the way they know they can get it is when you have specialized experience in exactly what they are looking to do.

I was amazed at how much I learned working in the same areas across several different businesses. You learn what creates value and what doesn’t. And you’ll create your own systems for making it happen fast.

So you can forget about needing more college… or investing in an endless amount of business expenses that you won’t make back. As a freelancer you’ll become an expert at a highly valuable skill. You’ll EARN while you LEARN.

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