Robert, one of my star students, just crossed $25,000 per month! 

Last year he was working as an employee for a company doing mostly sales, with some support and a little marketing. Basically he worked all the time on whatever needed to be done. His job was really just keeping his boss happy.

After suddenly leaving the company, he had to replace that income quickly. He had just gotten married and they moved into a lovely new home in Florida a couple weeks before. So the time crunch was on.

I had actually worked for that same client for a time as a freelancer, and that’s how he knew FREELANCING was the answer.

So he started working with me to learn the marketing skills he needed, as well as how to find clients.

We did this interview a few months ago when he was really excited to be making over $10,000 per month.

Now he is making 2.5x that much!

I’ll record a new one with him soon, but you can check out this one from February 2021.

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