Money alone does NOT make us happy. A huge part of happiness is loving the people we spend our time with and having amazing relationships.

For me, spending time with my wife and kids is a huge motivator for my success. It was also the driving force behind my student Gary’s breakthrough.

After many years working in pest control, he was able to pivot to doing marketing for pest control companies as a freelancer. He was “moonlighting.” That’s just a fancy way of saying he kept his day job and started doing freelancing on his nights and weekends.

Shortly after joining the program, he earned a check equal to 3 months’ salary at his day job. At the end of this video you’ll see his daughter’s tears of joy at the prospect of her dad quitting the job he’s been at for years… where 60+ hours per week is the norm. He plans to spend that extra time with his family and even helping to homeschool his kids!

Watch Gary’s story above and see how he did it!

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