How to Create Videos That Sell

How to Create Video Ads that Sell

This is a free lesson from the Prospered Freelancer Coaching Program. Learn more below. Want to Get an Invideo Account so you can make videos like this? Get a Free 7-Day Trial HERE.

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Don't Start a Business

Don’t Start a Business

I failed with 8 businesses before discovering freelancing. The dirty little secret about business is that I was destined to fail. There are a lot of shiny, amazing looking opportunities out there. You might think you need to sell a course, become an affiliate, run an agency, sell on Amazon, or 100 other things. On

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[Don’t] Trust the Experts

By Jesse Morrell With the economy being shutdown and a global pandemic spreading across the globe, I’ve been doing a lot of research as to the origins of all this. And what I have found is shocking. This isn’t the type of article you’d expect from a street preacher, but this is potentially the worst

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There is no Unessential Worker

In an ecosystem, the removal of a single animal or organism, through extinction or any other means, can lead to the collapse of that entire environment. Let’s pretend we are biologists who are tasked by the federal government to go into Yosemite National Park and remove just one animal that is not essential.  We do

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