Don't need to be good at sales

You Don’t Need to be Good at Sales to Freelance

I do not at all consider myself to be an excellent salesman. In fact, I always sucked at it. I got fired from a telemarketing job during my first week on the job, and before I ever made one sale. I definitely don’t like doing any high-pressured kind of sales. I don’t like hard closing

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Freelancing without 100 clients

You Don’t Need 100 Clients

When you compete on price, you have to have a lot more clients. As I mentioned earlier, that is no way to do business. As a beginner in a field, you do have to be a cheaper option though. But if you are a native English speaker and have an ability to learn you are

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stop working overtime start freelancing

Stop Working Overtime… Start Freelancing

In 2014 I left my job as Vice President of Marketing for a small software company. I left so I could move across the country, from Texas to Washington state. I moved to the east side of the state, in a city called Spokane, which most Americans haven’t heard of. The economy in Spokane is

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Freelance without Employeees

You Don’t Need to Hire Employees

I have read many books on how to grow a business. The idea behind most of these books is that you want a passive business. They say you can turn any business into a passive business if you have the right systems and people in place. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I’ve read many super

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Don’t Compete on Price

When many people think about freelancing, they imagine business owners hiring cheap labor across the world. The assumption is that they are competing with third world countries based on price. Who can do it cheaper? That’s why they avoid freelancing like the plague. While this price sensitive market exists, it’s only one part… and it’s

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Start Freelancing Without Savings

Most of the popular business opportunities are loaded with hidden costs. If you are trying to start an ecommerce store, you may have heard about drop shipping. You don’t have any inventory costs! But how are you going to get people to come to your store? Why will they trust you and buy from you?

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