Freedom to Prosper:
Reigning with Jesus in Business

I remember the day God told me to start a business.

What would people think? I mean, I was a pastor, and I know God called me to preach. Why would I do anything else? Am I really hearing from God?

I wasn’t sure of myself, but I did what God was saying to do. Three years later I get to reach tens of thousands of people daily. I have a business that is prospered more than I would have ever imagined. And I have the time to enjoy my family and life in a new country – Romania.

It took a lot of revelations to be able to get to this point, and there are many more to go. But I have been compiling these revelations into a book. I think it can really be a short cut in your journey to whatever God has called you to do – whether that is business or not.

Section 1 of this book is complete and available to download now. As the other sections are complete, I’ll send them to you as well!

Freedom to Prosper

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