Awesome! Your Strategy Session Is Scheduled!

Please do these things before our call to ensure that we have a good and productive call.

  1. Please send me a text message to let me know you just scheduled a discussion here: 469-529-0993
    This will help me to see that you are serious and keep your scheduled discussion from getting canceled if I get overbooked. In the text message, feel free to let me know what you are excited about or any question you might have.
  2. If anyone else needs to be on the call with you… like a spouse or business partner, please be sure that you get them to join you for the call. If you are not able to get them to join you at the time you chose, please reschedule it for a time when you can both meet. If you are married or have a partner, but they do not have an input into your business decisions, you can proceed without them.
  3. I look forward to talking with you! I’ll give you a call from my number above at the scheduled time. Talk soon!